Producer, Dramaturg & Consultant


Including but not limited to:


  • Scheduling and budgeting projects, preparing funding applications
  • Contract negotiation with venues and co-producers
  • License agreements
  • Tour booking and company networking
  • Event management
  • Payroll/book keeping
  • Press & Marketing
  • Social media management


  • Script development for writers and devisors
  • Project research
  • Rehearsal development
  • Education and information packs
  • Post show discussion hosting


  • Bringing a show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe: logistics and securing a tour/career post festival
  • Touring advice
  • Festival/Event/Venue programming
  • Advice to promoters to help navigate the Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme

If you are interested in engaging with any of the above please feel free to contact me.


“Dani Rae is a reliable and engaging creative collaborator. Both in terms of producing and in her capacity as a Dramaturg.”
Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh, Artistic Director, zendeh

“Dani provided Producer support for Lyra theatre company in its crucial start-up phase. Dani set-up a fundraising strategy and researched potential groups of children and young people for the company to work with. Dani is an efficient, knowledgable and driven Producer and I highly recommend her services.”

Jo Timmins, Director, Lyra Theatre

“Dani was always a calm and charming presence in this most challenging of festival jobs, combining a detailed knowledge of venues, shows and their personnel with a canny sense of who would be interested in talking to whom.”

James Seabright, Producer, Festival Highlights/Seabright Productions